10 Things to Know About Tomi Ungerer

Posted December 11, 2013 by Suzanne Murray in News


  1. Tomi Ungerer was born in November 1931 in Alsace, France and has since lived and worked in New York, Canada, Strasbourg and Ireland.
  2. He has produced cartoons, children’s literature, advertising campaigns, anti-Vietnam-war posters, film posters (most famously Stanley Kubrick’s Dr Strangelove) and works of erotica.  He created some of the most iconic and influential imagery of the 1960’s and 1970’s.   He is also a sculptor, an inventor and an architectural designer.
  3. He has published over 140 books ranging from his much loved children’s books to his controversial adult work.  He writes in French, English and German and his books have been translated into over 28 languages.
  4. He published his first children’s book ‘The Mellops Go Flying’ in 1957.  Other notable children’s book titles include ‘Crictor’, ‘The Three Robbers’, ‘Otto’ and ‘Moon Man’.  Both ‘The Three Robbers’ and ‘Moon Man’ have been made into feature films.
  5. His children’s books were banned from US public libraries for a time due to his erotic artwork and outspokenness against the Vietnam War.
  6. Tomi was the food editor for Playboy magazine from 1966 – 1967.
  7. The Louvre, Paris housed a retrospective exhibition of Tomi’s work in 1981 which then toured around Europe.
  8. He has been the recipient of the most prestigious children’s literature prize, the Hans Christian Andersen Prize.  He was also chosen as the first Ambassador for Childhood and Education by the Council of Europe in 2003.
  9. There is a TomiUngererMuseum in Strasbourg.  It is unique in that it was the first time in French history that a government funded museum was established on behalf of a living artist.  The museum has been awarded one of the 10 best museums in Europe by the Council of Europe.
  10. Tomi has lived in Ireland since the late 1970’s where he settled in West Cork.  He has said his latest book ‘Fog Island’ is an ‘homage to Ireland’.  The book was named one of the top 10 children’s illustrated books of 2013 by the New York Times.

Find out more about Tomi Ungerer on www.tomiungerer.com

‘Far Out Isn’t Far Enough, The Tomi Ungerer Story’ is on release in the IFI from Friday, 13th December

‘Moon Man’ will be released in Irish Cinemas on 27th December and in UK cinemas from the 28th December.