6 Reasons to buy The Guarantee DVD

Posted December 5, 2014 by Suzanne Murray in News
Peter Coonan and Morgan C Jones in The Guarantee
Peter Coonan and Morgan C Jones in The Guarantee

THE GUARANTEE, the much talked about feature film recreating the events that led up to the bank guarantee on 29th September 2008 is now available to buy on DVD in Ireland.  Starring Peter Coonan (Love/Hate), David Murray (Amber), Gary Lydon (Calvary), Morgan C. Jones (Vikings), and Orla Fitzgerald (The Wind That Shakes The Barley), THE GUARANTEE is a fact-based drama that goes behind the scenes on the most pivotal night in recent Irish history, as the beleaguered government fights to keep the country’s banking system afloat.

Here are six reasons why we think the DVD is a worthy purchase:

  1. It’s exciting! Ian Power’s incisive direction turns the events of September 2008 into a nail-biting political thriller.
  2. It’s informative! If you’re still baffled by the financial machinations surrounding the bank guarantee, Colin Murphy’s razor-sharp script will make you an expert in the time it takes to watch the movie.
  3. It’s controversial! On its opening night in Irish cinemas #theguarantee was trending nationally on Twitter as people rushed to join the debate.  The film divided a nation (or at least reviewers).  Some agreed with reviews like “hugely entertaining” The Sunday Independent, “tense and blackly funny” The Irish Times, ««««The Sunday Times while others didn’t.  Make up your own mind.
  4. It’s exclusive! The DVD contains bonus behind the scenes footage and interviews with the cast and crew that won’t be seen anywhere else.
  5. It’s economical! At just €14.99, the DVD costs significantly less than €64 billion we’ve shelled out for the bank guarantee so far.
  6. It’s a great stock filler!  Christmas is coming and the DVD is the perfect stocking filler or gift.  Less time searching for a present and more time for merriment.  You’re welcome!

THE GUARANTEE DVD is available nationwide, including Tesco, SuperValu, HMV, Tower Records, Golden Discs and Xtravision, and can be bought online via THE GUARANTEE movie website (www.theguaranteemovie.com) and on Amazon.