Ground Breaking Feature Film THE GUARANTEE Shooting This Week

Posted July 23, 2014 by Suzanne Murray in News
The Guarantee director Ian Power on set with cast members Orla FitzGerald, David Murray and Morgan Jones.
The Guarantee director Ian Power on set with cast members Orla FitzGerald, David Murray and Morgan Jones.

New feature film THE GUARANTEE, produced by John Kelleher Media in association with TV3, the Irish Film Board and the BAI is currently shooting in Dublin this week.  Wildcard Distribution will bring the feature to Irish cinemas this autumn with a broadcast on TV3 scheduled for November.

Directed by Ian Power (The Runway), the feature film recreates the drama surrounding the most significant political decision in modern Irish history when the Irish government decided to guarantee the entire domestic banking system.  It’s the first time the story has been told on the big screen and charts the origins of that pivotal decision (four years before that fateful night), and follows developments through the peak of the boom to the beginning of the bust.

Written by Colin Murphy and based on his stage play, THE GUARANTEE sees Peter Coonan (Love/Hate) play former Anglo Irish Bank chief executive David Drumm.  He’s joined by David Murray (Amber) who co-stars as Brian Lenihan while the roles of Kate Walsh, Sean Fitzpatrick and Brian Cowen are being played by Orla Fitzgerald (The Wind That Shakes The Barley), Morgan Jones (Breakfast on Pluto), and Gary Lydon (Calvary) respectively.

Speaking about the production, director Ian Power said “THE GUARANTEE is a story which covers the entire gamut of the human experience. That there is a hunger in Irish people to see a clear, unbiased version of this story I am in no doubt. I think they are owed that, and I think they will be surprised by the entertainment value of it – it’s a real roller coaster ride.  In the past months I’ve watched every member of our wonderful cast and crew come on board with a sense that this job is different, that we are doing something important and special. It’s completely inspiring.”

Writer Colin Murphy added “From a “tiny play” for Fishamble Theatre Company, to Fishamble’s national tour of the play Guaranteed!, to now filming THE GUARANTEE… It’s been an exhilarating – but demanding – journey with this story. It’s a thrill for me, as the writer, but it shouldn’t be any surprise, because this is the story that we’ve all been talking about for the past six years, it’s the story we all have opinions on – it is, in short, our story. I wanted to use the stage and screen to open up debate about Irish politics to a wider audience – I hope that audiences are going to be provoked by this as much as entertained by it.”

THE GUARANTEE is being produced by John Kelleher Media in association with the BAI, the Irish Film Board and TV3.  This is the first cinematic feature film to be shot in TV3’s Sony HD Studio.  Wildcard Distribution has worldwide distribution rights to the film.

More About The Guarantee

The Bank Guarantee was the most significant decision in modern Irish history.

On the night of September 29, 2008, the Irish government decided to guarantee the entire domestic banking system. That decision was made by a handful of men in a room in the middle of the night. By the time the costs can be fully counted, in another 30 years or so, it will have cost over €60 billion – the most expensive bank rescue in history. The Guarantee tells the story of that night, and what led to it. Starting four years earlier, it charts the peak of the boom and the beginning of the bust.

The first half of the drama is a story of hubris: how the Irish establishment blithely ignored the warning signs from abroad, and from its own Cassandras, and failed to rein in the property market and the wider economy. The second half of the drama shows the key players in the establishment as they struggle to come to terms with the unfolding of the consequences of their earlier hubris, during the month of September 2008, as the global banking system buckled and the Irish economy faced collapse.

It is a gripping drama of classical proportions, in which the tragic hero is Ireland. Like Cinderella, Ireland was the poor sister of Europe, who finally got a chance to go to the ball. But when she got there, she forgot herself; she stayed past midnight, and suddenly all her riches returned to rags.

At the heart of the drama are the figures of the Taoiseach, the Minister for Finance and the Central Banker, Officials in the Department of Finance and the heads of the key banks. Elsewhere, the character of a Hedge Fund Manager in London brings an external viewpoint on events. Other characters come and go, but these are the key decision makers. The film moves quickly between locations, moving ever quicker towards the night itself, as it charts the end of the boom and the onset of the global financial crisis.