Brazil’s Anima Mundi Festival to screen Irish shorts Somewhere Down The Line, Deadly, and Tea With The Dead.

Posted June 15, 2015 by Conor McDevitt in News

Irish animated shorts Somewhere Down The Line, Deadly, and Tea With The Dead, have all been selected to compete in the Anima Mundi Festival in Brazil this July.

In Somewhere Down The Line a man’s life, loves and losses are shown through the exchanges he has with the passengers in his car.  This moving animation was written and directed by Julien Regnard and produced by Jonathan Clarke for Cartoon Saloon.

Written and directed by Aidan McAteer and produced by Shannon George for Kavaleer ProductionsDeadly tells the story of Boney, a working stiff who doesn’t care about his job until he has a run- in with a spirited old lady named Bridie. The main characters in this animation are voiced by Oscar-winner Brenda Fricker (My Left Foot) and Peter Coonan (Get Up and Go).

Tea With The Dead was produced by Wiggleywoo and follows Frank, a gentle unassuming embalmer from Connemara. After Frank has washed, disinfected, removed and replaced fluids, applied cosmetics and dressed the deceased, he always makes two cups of tea. One for him and one for the dead.

Anima Mundi is the International Animation Festival of Brazil, and takes place annually in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. It aims to inform, train, educate and entertain by using the infinite possibilities of the language of animation. The festival was founded in 1993 by a group of animators and filmmakers who wanted to raise awareness about animated productions and films in Brazil but has increased its scope over its 23 years in existence to showcase the very best in animation around the world. This year’s festival takes place from July 10th to 15th in Rio and July 17th to 22nd in Sao Paulo.