Reality Bites Shorts to Premiere at Stranger Than Fiction Festival This Weekend

Posted September 26, 2014 by Suzanne Murray in News
Seventh Son
Seventh Son

Three short documentaries funded by Bord Scannán na hEireann/ Irish Film Board  (IFB) and promoted by Wildcard Distribution will be shown at the Irish Film Institute tomorrow as part of the Stranger Than Fiction festival.

The three films which will be screening in competition, are: Bloody Good Headline, directed by Tom Quinn and Paul Burke, Under Open Skies, directed by Ben Jones, and 7th Son, directed by Narayan Van Maele.

Produced by Shane Hogan for Areaman Productions, Bloody Good Headline brings to life the city’s orange-vested newspaper sellers as this eclectic cast of characters open up about their often surprising work on the streets of the nations capital.

7th Son, produced by Nodlag Houlihan for Zucca films, delves into the mysterious  powers of the seventh son, known since ancient times to possess hidden magical abilities and a special affinity with the natural world.

Under Open Skies, produced by Heather Mills for Telegael, is an affectionate look at that familiar Irish landmark, the outdoor handball alley. The film traces the rise and subsuqent neglect of these monuments to a shared social and sporting history.

The three films were produced as part of the IFB’s Reality Bites scheme, which aims to encourage experimentation and the realisation of fresh approaches to non-fiction filmmaking.

Reality Bites Docmentary Shorts is on in the Irish Film Institute at 17:00 on Saturday 27 September. For further information and to book tickets go to