Interview Paul Duane and John Healy about ‘Barbaric Genius’

Posted July 9, 2014 by Suzanne Murray in News
Barbaric Genius
Barbaric Genius

Irish filmmaker Paul Duane and best-selling author John Healy have been interviewed this week for, the world’s preeminent destination for movie criticism, commentary and community.

John Healy talks ‘The Grass Arena’ while Paul talks about making the riveting documentary on John’s life ‘Barbaric Genius’.

Here’s an excerpt:

“I’ve seen two documentaries by Irish filmmaker Paul Duane, “Natan,” and “Barbaric Genius.” In both cases, Duane highlights an individual who has been struck from the record for mysterious reasons.  In “Natan,” he and co-director David Cairns, investigate the story of Bernard Natan, the pioneer of French cinema, who has been so effectively erased that there is barely a trace of him, the only thing left being nasty rumors and speculation. Duane and Cairns sensed a story there and set about to find out what really happened to Bernard Natan. And in “Barbaric Genius,” Paul Duane tries to understand why John Healy, whose 1988 memoir of his life on the streets of London, “The Grass Arena,” was so celebrated that it won the top literary prize in Britain and was turned into an award-winning BBC film, was seemingly blackballed by the very same publishing industry who had so wholeheartedly embraced him. Similar to Bernard Natan, rumors circulated about Healy, that he was violent, volatile, dangerous. But was any of it true? Or was the reality more sinister? Was this a calculated process of character assassination?“

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