Wildcard Distribution at Digital Biscuit

Posted January 23, 2014 by Suzanne Murray in News
digital biscuit
digital biscuit

Wildcard Distribution’s CEO Patrick O’Neill will be taking part in Digital Biscuit this week when he will talk to Jamie Wilkinson the Co-Founder and CEO of VHX.

Organised by the Screen Directors Guild of Ireland, Digital Biscuit is a three day event comprising of programmed talks and technology expositions focusing on Ireland’s capabilities as a creative and technological leader in innovative film and television production.

Patrick and Jamie will discuss DIY distribution and how it is becoming more and more the norm for internet and film-making revolutionaries. Few have been more revolutionary than Jamie who will talk about VHX, a platform that’s changing the landscape of content distribution for film-makers everywhere.

The Power Of DIY: Distributing Content Directly to Your Audience will take place on Friday 24th January at 2pm.

For more information on Digital Biscuit and to reserve your ticket go to www.digitalbiscuit.ie