Wildcard Distribution’s Patrick O’Neill talks to IFTN

Posted December 5, 2014 by Suzanne Murray in News
Wildcard Distribution
Wildcard Distribution

Co-founder and CEO of Wildcard Distribution, Patrick O’Neill, took time out from his busy schedule to talk to the Irish Film and Television Network this week. With the second anniversary of the company approaching, the interview touches on past successes, Wildcard’s innovative approach to distribution, and what lies ahead for the company. Read an extract below and follow the link for the full article:

You’ve had ‘Gold’, ‘Standby’, ‘Run & Jump’, and ‘The Guarantee’ out this year, with Terry McMahon’s festival favourite ‘Patrick’s Day’ due out soon – is there a certain criteria when it comes to selecting which films to distribute? I get the impression box-office isn’t necessarily the bottom line…

‘Box-office is an element in decision making, but just one of many considerations. I wouldn’t say there is a criteria, but we would look at a lot of factors including quality of the film, talent of the film-makers, identifiable audiences for the film, potential to generate long tail revenues, what rights are available to acquire in Ireland, UK, and International. But at the end of the day, it comes down to gut instinct. A lot of work goes in to a film release, so we have to connect with the film itself and the filmmakers. It’s going to be a long journey together, so we like to make sure we’re in good company!


Born to be Wildcard: Interview with Wildcard Distribution co-founder Patrick O’ Neill