CROCK OF GOLD - A FEW ROUNDS WITH SHANE MACGOWAN deep dives into the life of the tortured Irish vocalist, best known as the lead singer and songwriter of the Pogues, who famously combined traditional Irish music with the visceral energy of punk rock. Featuring unseen archival footage from the band and MacGowan's family, as well as animation from legendary illustrator Ralph Steadman, Julien Temple's rollicking love letter spotlights the iconic frontman up to his 60th birthday celebration, where singers, movie stars and rock 'n' roll outlaws gather to celebrate the man and his legacy.

BBFC: 18

Film Credits

Julien Temple
Johnny Depp
Stephen Malit
Stephen Deuters
Julien Temple
Julien Temple
Gerry Adams
Nick Cave
Siobhan MacGowan
Shane MacGowan
Bobby Gillespie
Victoria Clarke

More Information

Crock of Gold - A Few Rounds with Shane MacGowan Logo
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Released:20 November 2020
Duration: 124 min
Genres: Documentary

Crock of Gold - A Few Rounds with Shane MacGowan

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