Set in the 1790s, Love & Friendship follows the machinations of the beautiful widow Lady Susan Vernon, who seeks refuge from rumour and gossip about her dalliances and plots new conquests at the estate of her in-laws.

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1. Hilariously brilliant adaptation of Jane Austen's epistolary novel 'Lady Susan'. 2. Kate Beckinsale steals the show. 3.Mark Kermode praised it as "the most politely impolite film of the year"

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Whit Stillman
Whit Stillman
Katie Holly
Lauranne Bourrachot
Whit Stillman
Jane Austen
Chloë Sevigny
Emma Greenwell
Xavier Samuel
Tom Bennett
Stephen Fry
Kate Beckinsale
Morfydd Clark

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Country: United Kingdom, Netherlands, Ireland, United States, France
Language: English
Released:3 June 2016
Duration: 90 min
Genres: Comedy Drama Romance

Love & Friendship

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