In the dead of a North County Dublin winter, misfit teenager Joey Moody returns home in a foolhardy bid to reopen his family’s crumbling caravan park. When Joey burns down Ronald Tanner’s camper van, he is forced to find the cash to repay him. The desperate pair, bonded together in misfortune, devise a plan to rob the local amusement arcade, the domain of small town politician, Gits Hegarty.

Film Credits

Morgan Bushe
Rory Dungan
Siniša Juričić
Morgan Bushe
Kathryn Kennedy
Greg Flanagan
Morgan Bushe
Peter Coonan
Lewis MacDougall
Michael Smiley
Pat Shortt
Art Parkinson
Lauren Kinsella

More Information

The Belly Of The Whale Logo
Country: Ireland
Language: English
Released:7 December 2018
Duration: 90 min
Genres: Drama Suspense/Thriller

The Belly Of The Whale

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